07 October, 2008

Tuesday, Tuesday

Lots of stuff happending yesterday. More trenching that you could imagine. Trenches for a three-block high fence for the deck, and a trench for the French drain, and support post holes for the deck.
Cody Breaking a Huge Rock In the Way
French Drain Running Pool Length
Some More View of the French Drain and Footing Holes
Some More View of the French Drain
After all the trenching is done, then it's time for the machine - the mixer to get into the act, as the workers fill the wall trench to make footings for the three-block high wall.
The Machine Running
Doesn't take these guys long to do any one part of the project. Here you can see the progress made with filling the trench with concrete. John's demonstrating how to level the fill to ensure a good and level wall.
Load After Load of Concrete
John Showing What's Necessary For Leveling
Now, Agusto has probably the cushest job of all - cleaning the pool. He gets to be in the water and staying nice and cool while doing it.
Our New Pool Vacuum
And the Vacuum in Action
We had some problems with the filter control, so John showed me how to dismantle the switch to clean grit out of it. Pretty simple really. Just don't lose any of the little nuts or bolts!
Sand Filter Control Head

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  1. Anonymous8/10/08 12:33

    Dave, Are you the new pool guy? What is Dianna going to be.


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