09 October, 2008

Thursday Was A Good Day... Friday Was Too

Hoo boy. Busy, busy, busy!

Here's some shots of the progress on the pool deck. John and the crew he supervises go like a house-afire!.

Mariano and Emir Applying Smooth Plaster Coat to Wall
Emir Applying Plastering the Wall
Manuel Keeps the Mortar Hawks Full
Here you can see the first real load of the treated pine for the deck framing and surface. Agusto is unloading it.
Agusto Beginning Unload of Framing and Deck Lumber
Unload Lumber

Mariano Carrying two heavy 1x4s
Here's Mauel and Mariano stacking the lumber next to the work area.
Manuel Hard At It
Mariano Doing the Same
Framing for the deck is beginning to go up.
John Checking Spacing
John and Mariano Supervising Agusto
Here's Mariano laying out an angle to take into account the complex shape of the spa.
Mariano Wood Working
The decking moves right along. As you can see, it's about 1/3 done.
Agusto Working Half in the Spa
One-Third of Framing Done
Here's another view of the completed deck framing.
Deck Framing Another View
Here's the backside of the pool, all finished smoothly.
Emir Finishing the Backside of the Deck Wall
Cody had a different problem to deal with. He ran into a small cave almost right under the wall at the back of the property by the canal. This is where he's installing the 3" drain from the pool overflow, back-flushing, and a floor drain in the yard.
Cody Hard At It
Today, Friday, I was out of town. Doug and I went into Belize City to visit Brodie's, Bennie's, and Court's. We were looking for household items, some electrical fittings (no white rheostats - only almond), and some tool pieces (a keyless drill chuck for Craig), plus whatever happened to catch our eye. I found a bottle Traveler's Five Barrel Rum. Hope it's good!

When we got back, a huge amount of progress had been made on the deck. It's completely framed out and they've actually started laying and screwing the decking. Woo hoo! Does it ever look good. They even added in a deck hatch so I'll be able to get underneath to install the sewer pipe, etc., for the guest house.
Big Ups From the Massif on the Deck Progress

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