16 October, 2008

Spa Is Nearly Done

More good news. The spa is well on its way to completion. We might actually have a filled pool by sometime this next week!
Hard at Work on the Spa
More Work on the Spa
Here you can see John positioning the venturi controls for the jets. They control how much air is let in and mixed with the water flowing through the jets, making for a bubbling good time.
Venturi Control
Jet Body In Position
Mariano is under the deck busy gluing bits together so the jet and venturi controls all work as planned.
John and Mariano Adjusting Jets

You can see how the blocks are cut to allow the jet body to fit closely. Manuel does the cutting with a power grinder tool and Emir fits and mortars each block after the cut.
Emir Fitting Blocks
Mariano Sees the Light of Day
Casting the beam and filling the blocks - last item on the agenda for the day. Makes for an interesting form layout.
Beam Casting Underway
Another View of theCasting
And, here it is - all done for the day. The forms will be removed and tiles adhered, then the Diamond Brite will be applied. Then we fill the pool!
Final Step of the Casting Completed
A Closer View
Other parts of the project - Cody is busy priming the pump house. It takes time because of the rough texture of the plastering. It will be the same color as the fence. That is, except for the waterfall area. We're hoping to have a mural painted there, possibly by Gale Peterson or one of the other local artists. We'll see.
Priming the Pump House
Dianna, being somewhat anxious to use the pool, is busy chipping "tweeters" of Diamond Brite so the steps are nice and smooth.
Hard at Work

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