01 October, 2008

Almost Day's End

Towards the end of the work day, I managed to capture a few more shots of the progress being made. The tile really sets off the pool. It is really beginning to look complete now. I'm ready to jump in. The crew have done a really nice job on the whole project.
Steps Receiving Their Final Shaping by Emir
The texturing on the pump house echoes the same "rough" texture on the house. After we get done painting the exterior, it will really look unified.
Fore and Aft Views of the Pool
Which Way is This?
Here's John showing how to do tiling the hard way - basically setting tile upside-down.
John Tiling the Steps
Now the steps really look official - their tiled edges just look wonderful.
Pool Steps Look Great
A view from our front porch of the pool. Our rubble pile will be moving very soon. Cody was moving it, but he was out yesterday with a touch of the flu, or something.
Upstairs View
The guys from Vasco Doors and Windows came yesterday, late in the morning. I wasn't expecting them till the afternoon. But, after some welding and grinding, the door fits great. Now, I just have to modify it (Isn't that the way it always is?). I've ordered a louvered window to fit over the grill of the door. I misunderstood John when we were discussing the door. Ventilation without any water getting in. Now I understand! That should be ready this next week.
Pump House Door Almost Completed


  1. that is really looking great! Can't wait to see it complete!

  2. Pat Cozad7/12/08 15:04

    The pool looks So nice. Love your blog. keep it up.


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