29 September, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

A song by the Bangles or the Chipmunks with David Seville (Is he still alive?) - Just Another Manic Monday. Mondays are Mondays no matter where you are.

Just some more rain over the weekend. First thing the guys did this morning was fire up a gasoline-powered dewatering pump.
Emir Dewatering the Pool
Draining Into the Canal
It would have all been done already but for an unfortunate occurrence. Yesterday, I thought I'd give the guys a hand by having it all pumped out for them this morning. I grabbed John's little electrical pump that they had been using.

Moving it and the long drain pipe connected to it into the pool, I was just about to set the pump motor on some blocks they had already positioned for this activity, when... Ooops! Splash! The pump separated from the drain pipe and fell into the water.

Thinking that I didn't want to try out for the Darwin Awards, I discretely put the pump back as I had found it, including reassembling the drain pipe.

As I got back here from walking the dogs, John and the guys already had the gas pump going. So, at their break, I asked John if he had tried the small pump this morning. He answered that he hadn't and inquired why I asked.

I told him the story. Laughing, he said not to worry about it. But, until I see the pump actually functioning, I'm operating on the assumption that I owe him a new pump. Dang it. Best laid plans, etc., etc.

Here's the floor of the pool almost with no water in it. The worker is sweeping the remaining water into the sump where the pump suction hose is taking it up to dump it into the canal.
Emir in the Water
Emir Sweeping Into the Sump
HereJohn is taping up the inlet on the skimmer and in the right-hand shot, he's mudding in the the skimmer on the back side - with Dianna's supervision.
Mariano and John Taping and Mudding the Pool
Dianna Supervising John
After casting the beam, they have to go around with a power wheel and cut off the right-angle edge to it, so that when it's covered with DiamondBright, it'll be a rounded edge.
Mariano Cutting the Sharp Edge
Today, Joe Folgarait, the electrician, came and began finalizing the wiring in the pump house. It gets a bit warm working in there.
Joe Wiring the Pump House
Cindy and Secret love it when it's rainy outside. they get to play and put on clown makeup. Well, sort of, anyway. Here's Secret looking awsome with a thoroughly muddy snout.
Ain't she cute?

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