20 September, 2008

Happy Independence Day, Belize!

Today, Sunday, September 21, is Belize's Independence Day. Fireworks displays started at midnight last night, parades and speeches everywhere all day today, and for quite a sizable portion of the population, tomorrow, Monday is a holiday.

Belize is still growing into independence, and still learning how to do government right. They are trying very hard, but with a total population of less than the population of Toledo, Ohio, it's tough to do everything a country needs to do. If Belize was just a city, it would probably be OK, but infrastructure, etc., etc., really stretches the Belize dollar to its limits.

Any way, good on 'em for trying. It's a happy day - even if it did rain heavily at the end of the fireworks display last night.

We'll continue doing our bit to pump some money into the local economy. Our pool is really coming along. John says another two weeks and it'll be done. Yea!!!

To show you some of the progress, this picture shows the spa area on the right and where the steps will go on the left.

We're struggling to find the right kind of jets for the spa area. That could impact the finishing of the walls of the spa, and in turn, the finishing of the cast ring topping the whole pool.
Agusto Working the Stairs and Spa
Here's John, working up a bodacious sweat, forming up the pump house - which is kind of complex in that it's a hexagonal shape structure.
John Doing His Thing
What you're looking at here is the pool face of the pump house. It also will have a mural of dolphins on it and a waterfall cascading from the roof down into the pool. Nice!
Pump House Waterfall
Pump House and Waterfall
These next ones are of the inside of the pump house. Of course on the left, it's only a wall. On the right, the window is actually in place.
The Pump House Taking Shape
The Pump House With A Window
The Pump House From Another Direction
Bracing is in evidence for the spa area bench. A nice cozy seating area - especially if we get the right jets for it. That should be fun!
The Spa Area After Pouring
Here the crew has poured and is shaping the outline for the steps of the pool. There'll be five steps right up to the pool edge.
Steps Area Being Defined
Steps Area Being Defined
This is a little better view of the spa bench still being poured. Gives you a better idea of its hex shape. And, you can see the wall for the steps really moving along.
Spa Forms
Steps Wall
Looking like it's officially a spa seating area now, the spa has really been cleaned up. And the step wall is speedily being finished.
Spa Seating
Steps Growing
John gave a trial fitting to the sand filter. With two pump motors, a chlorinator, electrical breaker boxes and some other stuff in there, the hex-shaped pump house is going to be cozy, but with the steady breeze, a louvered doorway, and a louvered window, it should stay comfortable for all the equipment.
Sand Filter's Trial Fitting
Finally, I was able to have Cody varnish the new shipment of mahogany moulding that Isaiel brought for me from Shipyard. Now, I'll be able to finish the porch screening project.

As you can see from the picture, Cody put together a great varnishing stand out of some sticks we had laying around. It's at the perfect height too. No bending over, suffering back strain to do it either.
Mahogany Moulding Being Varnished
Well, there's a couple of things that have to happen first.

Tuesday, we've been promised (remember, this is Belize) that our workbenches, cabinets, and shelving for the downstairs will be installed. If that happens, then I need to take a day or two to unpack and organize all my tools and parts.

Then I can do the screen project. That'll be nice if we can really unpack our downstairs stuff. I know Dianna has really been champing a the bit to do just that.

As all that's going on, I'll try to remember to take a few pictures of these activities and the pool progress as well.

BTW, even though Monday is an official holiday, for the construction trades, just like in the States, it's a work day. We may splurge and give them some beer at the end the work day tomorrow. Heck, I might have one myself!


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