19 August, 2008

Carnival's Comin' To Town

Guess what we saw this morning on the daily "pack-walk"? A carnival trailer. This is the first one I've seen since we've been living here.
Early Morning Carny Sighting
I really have no idea if it's planning to set up here in Corozal, or if they're just passing through. But still, pretty cool to see it on your walk early in the morning.

It'd be nice to see a carnival here. I haven't seen one here in the little more than a year that we've been living here.

I can't say that the girls (Cindy and Secret) got very excited about it. As I took the picture, they both - like the good doggies they are, sat then lay down as I fumbled around with the phone camera again. This picture is the result. My big problem with using it, is that I have been leaving my glasses at home, in favor of wearing my shades. Of course, the phone screen is too small for me to read anything on it without my glasses. I guess I'm going to have to start bringing them as well as my little pocket Nikon and use the phone camera just for those situations when I don't have a better camera with me. Which means I'm going to have to start wearing my fanny-pack (or bum-bag for those of you of the British persuasion).

Pretty soon, it'll be a full-fledged back pack, cause I'll have to drag along water for me and water for the girls, and Lord only knows what else.

Oh, yes. It was a good walk today. About three miles and a bit of a new route. I took a left as we came to the Mirador Hotel and we went up to 5th Avenue and back through downtown. Lot's of new dogs to bark at us. Big German Shepards too.

We ran into Doug at Cannon Corners (well, it used to be called that before remodeling occurred). He was on his way into town for something (breakfast?). We later ran into him and Twyla at their new place as we were heading back to our hacienda.

It was a nice walk. The girls were completely tuckered out when we finally crossed the gate into our place.

Totally unrelated, but Isaiel and his helper came by today. He's installing doors and burglar bars for Doug's place. His generator wasn't big enough to handle Isaiel's welding machine, so Doug asked if Isaiel could come down here to do his welding. Not a problem.

Then the next visitor showed up about an hour later. A Belize Electricity worker there to cut off our current for being a deadbeat. I had screwed up the date on the Scotiabank automatic payment from our account. I used the Belizean-style date (9/8/2008 instead of the US-style - 8/9/2008). Which meant the computer wasn't going to pay till next month. I knew about it because I had gotten another bill with arrears showing. Once I checked it out, I realized what had happened. I was going to pay it when I paid the upcoming month's payment, but no. I had to hotfoot it into Courts Furniture and pay my "arrears" this morning. Whew! No cutoff.

Then came John Harris, a Brit contractor, to talk to us about our pool plans. I had mentioned to him we wanted to see about him doing a pool for us sometime as we liked Gail and Earl's pool that he's building. So, we sat and talked with him and gave him a drawing of a pool that we liked. He's going to work up an estimate and get back to us in a few days. The earliest he could start construction is the end of September. Fine with us. I gave up on being my own GC for the pool - just a little too technical for me. Maybe next time, after I see John do this one.

That was all the excitement for the day. It's hot. We're jumping into the round pool this afternoon. Don't try to stop us either. We're going to ride our floaties and nurse a cold beer or three.


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Anonymous said...

There was a carnival last week somewhere near your area...I dunno where though! One of the folks on my listgroup posted some pics of it.