13 July, 2008

We Were At Earl's 39th...

Yesterday afternoon Dianna and I picked up Lynn and off we went to the north end of Corozal to Four Mile Lagoon to Gail and Earl's place on the lagoon.

The occasion was for Earl's 70th... err, I mean 39th (Sorry Earl, I guess the cat's out of the bag now) birthday celebration. We got there just a little after 2:00 PM, and everything was already in gear - the band playing, the beer flowing, the food being consumed. So, we quickly immersed ourselves in the revelry and celebration.
Gail Hired A Band - Nice Sounds
Once inside Gail and Earl's house, our first stop was the kitchen to load up on some tasty beverage or other, then it was ouside onto the veranda to join all the other well-wishers.
First Stop - Getting Into the Wine
Brad and Christina in The Kitchen For Refreshments
Here's a couple of photos of some of the people at the soiree. Strict definition defines that as an "evening party".

Most of us can't stay up that late, so a late afternoon party will have to suffice. You do tend to get into the habit of being home early in the evenings here. There's at least two reasons for that, besides the fact that we're all getting to be old farts.

First, is the sun. Year 'round, it rises and sets here with awesome regularity. About a half-hour difference between summer and winter rise and set. No 10 PM sunsets here.

Second, driving here after dark is chancy at best, and extremely dangerous at worst. In any case, one tends to drive as little as possible after dark here. So, most of our activities tend to take place during the daylight hours into early evening. Then, we scurry for home.

Views of the Party Veranda
Another View of the Party Veranda
This shot below, Roger Cookson looks like he'e wearing a green Bob Hope mask as he lurks behind some of the patio shrubbery at the party.
Roger Skulking Around
Here's John, fresh from the World Poker Tourney in Lost Wages, Nevada (he's a Brit BTW) talking with Jim. In the other foto he's talking with Loreta, one of Gail and Earl's nearby neighbors. Wait a minnit... How can he be in two places at once?
John and Jim
Loreta and John
The party was a pot luck too. Everyone brought a dish of some sort. It seemed like there was always something tasty to munch on.
Dianna With Supplies for the Crew
A lot of the activity at the party was talking. There never seems to be a shortage of things to talk about.
Brad and Christina - Our Newly-Weds
Dave Holding Forth
BTW, Dianna took the four shots above. Nice pics.

Of course, since there was a band you'd think people would just be jumping to get out on the dance floor. Earl and Gail started the dancing with a nice romantic turn around the garden.
Earl and Gail Celebrating
The Girls Gettin' Down
Earl and Lynn Doing a Turn
It was a very nice party. One that was hard to leave. But, as the sun began to sink in the west, we took our leave and headed for home.

Congratulations Earl on your 70th birthday, and thanks Gail for putting on such a nice party. We all had a great time!

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