22 May, 2008

Business and Pleasure - On to San Ignacio

Do You Know the Way to San Jose? Oops - wrong song. Oh well, we be having fun on the way. Here's some shots I took during the journey.

Craig Driving
Mae and Dianna Enjoying The Journey
One of the things that quickly became apparent was the absence of flatness the further we went toward San Ignacio. I guess another way to say it is - They have mountains! Not huge, but mountains non-the-less.
Mountains On The Way to San Ignacio
San Ignacio is a small, but very lively town. It's downtown is much more Caribbean-flavored in architecture than is Corozal. It's hilly, and would have a lot going for it if there was a bay from the ocean right here. As it is, there is a distinct lack of breeze, so it was significantly hotter than in Corozal. With plenty of good restaurants and some jumping night spots, it's much more touristy than Corozal. Nice place to visit, but, well, you know...
Downtown San Ignacio
We stayed at a nice small local resort in San Ignacio, actually, within walking distance of down town. Midas Resort ( about 11 cabanas for guests and the owners are doing quite a bit of renovation. There is a restaurant, where you can get coffee in the morning, sometimes breakfast, and for dinner, they said restaurants in town will be glad to deliver.
Entrance to Midas Resort
Nice, clean and quiet. It was genuinely relaxing to stay there. Here's a shot of our cabana. Complete with private toilet and shower, it had two beds, fans, and optional A/C.

No. 11 - Our Cabana
We joined Mae and Craig on the porch of No. 9 cabana for some refreshment and to discuss our plans for Thursday. Wednesday was sort of our down day. Relaxing, and walking around town. Trying the French bakery, and shopping for hats and tee-shirts took up most of the day.
Mae on Her and Craig's Cabana Porch
Craig on he and Mae's Cabana Porch
San Ignacio has a very nice and clean farmer's market. We shopped a bit there before we were drawn away to the French bakery.
Enjoying the Farmer's Market                                    

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Anonymous said...

You were at a very nice and historic place in "San Ignacio". Did you stop by the Maya ruins of Cahal Pech. Most interesting. The zoo's of any city are usually fastenating. Looks like your having fun. What do you do for a vacation? New York City!!!