22 February, 2008

Writer's Strike in Blogland???

In the spirit and in support of the apparently now solved writer's strike, we present this rerun of our first blog entry...

This is the start of our grand adventure. I'll improve the formatting as we go along.

Well, this may not be the best first entry, but it's tasty...
(Courtesy of Mashup, Chief bartender on the S/V Mandalay)
1 ½ shot (oz.) of 151 rum
¼ - ½ shot of Meyer's Rum
2 ½ shots pineapple juice
2 ½ shots orange juice
dash +/- Grenadine
Mix, pour over ice and enjoy!

02/22/07 - Went over to Lonnie and Marilyn's last night. Superb lanai at their place. Lonnie turned me on to a running book – The Chi of Running. I'm going to try to get it on Amazon or Ebay when we get home. Also, went to dinner last night at Winjammers... no relation to the cruise line. Huge variety of chow though. More later.

03/24/07 - Finally ordered The Chi of Running. Got it on Amazon for $2.95 US. Shipping cost more than the book - $4.95 US. Still, eight bucks for the whole thing! I'm looking forward to getting it in my grubby little paws.

03/25/07 - Found a cool website for the Corozal area of Belize - It has tons of photos of the local area and what's been going on in the town. Really typical small-town stuff. But that's cool. We'll be heading there soon.
We're flying down on 03/13/07. Actually, we'll be leaving on the 12th... We take the Capitol Aeroporter shuttle from Olympia to Seatac the evening of the 12th - and get there at about 10:45 pm. Our flight doesn't leave till 6:00 am on the 13th, but since it's considered an international flight, we have to be at Seatac NLT 3:00 am. Which means that we had to catch the shuttle at 1:45 am, for $105 US.

I changed our reservations for the shuttle yesterday to have us go up at 10:45. Since, It's doubtful that we would be sleeping much prior to the 1:45 departure anyway, changing it to 10:45 saved $50. All we have to do is find a comfy nook at the airport for a few hours.. Yawn!
Say, while I think of it, my last day at work is 03/30/07. I'm retiring. Sort of anti-climatic to write it - just doesn't have that zing!

Ok, so we really aren't on strike down here in beautiful Belize. It's just that since we moved into the house (finally), we haven't had Internet service till the afternoon of the day before yesterday!

We got Internet through a Mennonite outfit from Spanish Lookout. More about that as we move along. For now, I'm going to briefly tell you what's happening.

1. We're in the house.
We Be In the House
2. We almost have a complete kitchen. The cabinets are being installed as we speak.
Jose Working on the Cabinets
Tile work is yet to be completed.

3. We still have a lot of stuff in storage.

4. Owen and Sandy visited us.
Enjoying Al's Cafe
What a great help they were too. Thanks to Owen, we finally have our reverse osmosis system up and running, likewise, our water softener, on-demand water heater, and utility sink all work.

5. Now Don and Brenda are visiting.
Arriving in Corozal
They got in yesterday afternoon. We haven't done much exciting yet, since we still have Jose working on kitchen cabinets.

So, now you know, we are back, we're energized (well, especially after a good nap) and we're raring to update the blog. So, stay tuned. It's on it's way.

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Anonymous said...

getting that phone connection was about as fast as British Telecom.
I guess you can slow down now and look forward to some easy living.

Only two weeks to go and we'll be near neigbours (well it's as close as we'll get for a while )in St Maartin ! and perhaps call in on Marilyn and Lonnie on route.