20 January, 2008

And Closer Yet

We're getting closer still. It now looks like we might be moving in sometime this next week - as soon as Isael gets the second burglar-bar door installed and the gate.

Then we should be good to go.

Showing a bit of progress are these pictures of the streetside or back porch steps.
Streetside Stairs - Left
Streetside Stairs - And Right
Finally! We have actual lights in the house and fans.Ozman, El Electricisto (the Electrician), has worked hard to get them done, along with all the other lighting.
Ozman Installing Fans
And by way of proof, here's a shot of one of the fans actually working. Isn't that simply amazing? Now we have running water, and hot water to boot, electricity and lights. Monday or Tuesday, we might get a stove and a fridge. Wow!
Fan Spinning It's Little Heart Out


toupeeo said...

Wow! Looks great. Electricity and Water even. I'm packing my bags. Do you have weekend rates.

BTW. Cold here of course. You might mention to Dianna that a short email would be appreciated. My email has been down for a week but is OK now.

Anonymous said...

drop me a line dd, cousin eddie please