15 December, 2007

Up-To-The-Minute As Of December 6, 2007

On her new bicycle, here comes Dianna down the road to our house. Riding somewhat shakily after many years of not riding, she looks pretty confident.
Two Wheelin'
The House is beginning to shape up. Here's a view looking at the front or canalside of the house.
Front Steps
Inside, Jose Camera, Franz's partner in the building company, discusses wall placement with Abraham, the metal stud and drywall specialist.
"No, It Has To Go Here"
The windows have arrived, and they're being installed. Well, actually they're louvers, but everyone calls them windows.
Stacks of Window Louvers
Installed and Working
View Outside
With the Louvers Installed
Ensuring a Good Fit
After finishing our back fence, Isidoro and crew installed a temporary chain link fence across the back of Elsie's lot to complete the canalside enclosure.
Esidoro Watching Eugene Install Fencing
One of the interesting things down here is how and where things are repaired. Here's a truck, that broke it's rear transaxle under load. Where do they take it to repair? Nowhere! They do it on-site, on the road. Bringing in a replacement axle and A-frame hoist, the job gets done, even though it took a day-and-a-half.
On-Site Truck Repair
Rear Axle Removed
Going over the plan of attack is part of the building game, same as anywhere.
Dianna and Abraham Going Over Ideas and Plans
Dianna and Abraham Going Over Ideas and Plans
Just in case you didn't get enough, here's some more of the windows and installation.
Side View
Inside View
Abraham Also Does Louvers
Checking Bathroom Louvers
Getting ready for the front (streetside) fence, we take delivery of 500 8" blocks. These will be used on the front fence and to wall in the drain field for the septic system.
A Pile of Blocks

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Great fotos. Truly enjoying the blog. Good ne of Dianna on the bike. Haven't heard from her lately is she busy with the ouse.