14 December, 2007

Next One In Line As Of November 30, 2007

Here's Isael Pesch, the artist who is doing our burglar bars. He came to Corozal to show us his work. It really is a work of art, based on our design. Ain't nothing like it no where - One of a kind!
Isael Pesch Showing His Art
Work is progressing on the house. Most visible is the plastering of the concrete posts and beams, making them nice and smooth.
All the Concrete Works Gets a Good Going Over
All the Concrete Works Gets a Good Going Over
Our canalside fence is up and is being shaped as shown below.
Gate Form
Getting Ready to Shape the Fence
Here's The Fence In The Process of Being shaped
Here's The Fence Ready for Lighting
Shaping It is Dusty Work
Myo Should Be Wearing a Mask
Even Warpy Wood Gets Used
Tiki Is One of the Pooches We're House-Sitting
Every day, Franz's crew travels from Shipyard or Guinea Grass to work here in Corozal. It's about an hour and a half one way... Factor in riding in the bed of a pickup, probably on top of building tools and supplies, and you get the idea of a real fun time - if it doesn't rain, of course.
Jose Camera's Pickup Heading To Guinea Grass
Keeping a vehicle clean here is what you might call a challenge. Below, you can see our Isuzu. This is after only three days of daily town driving. I ain't been four-wheelin' neither, cause it's a 2WD!
Mud and squeaks and rattles are a fact of life
Mud and squeaks and rattles are a fact of life

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