17 December, 2007

Evening Update

These shots all were taken about 5:00PM this evening. Not that that really matters, but I thought you'd like to know.

Here the concrete plasterers (who work for Franz) are plying their trade and are about half-done with the front (or canalside) stairs.
Getting Plastered
Work is progressing very fast in the bathroom. Here the shower has recieved sheets of a very dense cement-based product that the tiles will be adhered to. I don't remember o priatthe trade or even the generic name for the product.

If you notice in the shower itself, there's what appears to be two spigots. I asked what that was for, assuming they thought we were going to install a tub. The plumber said the lower one for there for if you wanted to fill or rinse a bucket. What a neat idea!
Shower in Place
Another quick shot of the streetside fence. With the power having to be slightly rerouted for the fence, we made some quick alterations to take advantage of the drainfield opening up.
The Fence in Action
Here's the crew of Franz plastering a smooth finish to the steps.
Hard At Work on the Steps
As we approach the magic hour of 5PM, everyone statrts to slowly stop whatever they were working on.
Cleaning the Sponges
More Cleaning
On the left is the youngest member of Franz's team. I think he's about 15 years old. He's lucked out and is learning a good trade. It's obvious, for whatever reason, that he isn't in the upper divisions of school, so without the opportunity to learn a trade, it'd be a dead-end existence.
Making the Cut
Waiting for the cap piece
Here's Franz Ozman fastening one of the three or four receptacles in the lower level
Ozman at work
I'll try to remember to get some pictures tomorrow of Dianna (get ready) driving her new car! She purchased a 1992 Nissan Stanza from Carlos, Jim and Melanie's caretaker. It needs repairs, of course, but it came along at the perfect time for us. My Isuzu needed to get into the shop for some needed repairs (too many to go into here. So, it's up the highway at Rick's, getting some TLC.

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