10 November, 2007

Still the Weekend

Here's a few more shots of what's happening during the weekend. Of course, there's the shots that were missed entirely, like the ones of Dianna and me sitting on the front porch with Doug and Twila (they bought the big lot up Ferry Road from us) having a few beers and commiserating with each other about what rough duty being down here was. Sorry, folks, but that was the topic - well, in part. We did talk about fish, the weather, building, local roads, the ferry... that sort of thing.

Here's one to warm you up - Willie, a young kid who works weekends at the Copa Banana, torched the burn pile, so I shot a few pictures of it. This is one.
The Burn Pile In Action
These shots give you a good idea of the progress taking place under our house. We're hoping they get at least a bedroom and the bathroom working. Then we can move in. We only have about two more weeks here in this duplex. It's rented starting 1 December.
The Foundation Columns Are Almost Done
The Foundation Columns A Different View
Here's some better shots of the walls of the laundry/utility/storage/workshop room.
The Wall Keeps Going Up
View From Across the Room
Isidoro and crew worked very hard to finish up the fence project. Their work is excellent. It's been a real pleasure to work with him and his guys. You'll see more of them as they're going to build our canal-side fence and the wall around the septic drain field.
Myo and Esidoro Assembling Elsie's Gate
Putting Fabric Onto the Frame
Finishing up Elsie's side of the fence project brings this phase to a close. Eugene, a young man, (who Bob fired early on) has proved to be a worthwhile member of the team. He's been a steady worker and pretty reliable.

Isidoro's cousin (I'm sorry, his name slips my mind) is quiet and just gets in there and works. He's a permanent part of Isidoro's crew.
Eugene Cutting Tie Wire
Esidoro's Cousin Finishing the Edge
Here they are attaching the last part of the gate to the post. It's done.
It's Attached
Elsie's fence is now done. Once we closed the gate, it really felt like the yard was closed in.
Elsie's Fence - Done
Elsie's Fence -From the Other Side
Here's more shots of the"dolphin-fish" as the locals call it in our canal. He's about 3-feet in length. Maybe I'll try my hand a catching him after we get moved in. They're good eating along with the Tilapia that are also in the canal.
About a 4' Tarpon in Our Canal
Big Fish
Here's a really nice shot of him after he turned around. I can't wait to get to using my good DSLR and lenses. There's so much wildlife here to photograph.

Still A Big Fish

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