19 October, 2007

It's A Gusher!

Yesterday was our second day of unbridled sunshine. The forecast for today is just as bright. A few more days like this and we'll be able to get the truck in to Tony's and remove our belongings.

Elsie, who bought the property next door, is also having Isidor do her fence. The two projects are essentially identical, so we're treating it like one project and splitting the costs. Here's a couple of views of the foundation trench being dug for Elsie's fence.
Work On Elsie's Fence Footing Trench
Looking Down Elsie's Fence Footing Trench
I contacted Mr. Paul Castillo, plumber, to see if I could schedule him to set up our pump equipment soon as the guys will be needing water for the concrete work on the fence. He was able to postpone some work he already had in the pipeline (so to speak) and I met him at the bus terminal in Corozal. He had his assistant with him and his tools, so we went back out to the property, where he got to work making a list of all the fittings, etc., that he would need to complete the well pump project. It was so complete, I only had to go back into town to get one tee-fitting. Now that's planning!
Paul and His Assistant Unpacking the Pump Equipment
They started about 9:00AM and were finished at about 12:30PM. Dianna and Elsie walked over from the duplex just in time for us to try the water.
Yes, Indeedy, We Have Water!
Here's a shot by Elsie of us enjoying being able to spray a steady stream of water.
We Really Do Have Water!
We let the water run all night long to see if we can clear up some of the milkiness and to get all the surface water out of the system. We'll see this morning how that went. But, in any event - We Have WATER!!!

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