09 October, 2007

Interim New Digs On The Way

Yesterday, being Monday, was a sort of workday. I had asked Eugene, a local who lives near our property, to be there at 8:00AM for some shoveling to fill in around the septic tank. Of course, with the rain we've had, that didn't happen. He would have been shoveling mud.

But, I did meet there with Isidoro to talk over the fence project and we did some measuring to try and locate the NE corner lot peg. No luck on that bit, but he and his crew will start tomorrow, digging the trench for the foundation for the fence. They'll be looking for the peg, so we may find it after all.

Also, Craig is going to meet me at the property this morning. He and I will root around in the pucker-brush and see if we can find it.

I checked also with Vasco again about the doors. Not yesterday. Maybe, if I get current today. If not today, then for sure on Wednesday.

Regarding current... I called BEL twice yesterday. First time the receptionist couldn't ask the crew as they were out. She would ask them over lunch. So, I called back after lunch. They were going to try to get it in yesterday afternoon. But, if not then, then for sure today.

From my conversation earlier with Isidoro, the shopping list for the fence, so far is roughly as follows. I stopped at National Hardware to price rebar. I need 35 lengths of 1/2", 15 lengths of 3/8", and 25 lengths of 1/4" - priced at $29.15BZ, $16.75BZ, and $4.00BZ, respectively.

I need 75 bags of cement, which is still is seriously short supply. But, I can't get that until I acquire some sort of storage facility, like a 20' shipping container or a truck box. I may have a line on a 16' truck box, from a guy who wants to convert his truck to a flatbed. No idea yet on cost. Shipping containers, unlike in the states, are near impossible items to find.

I also need 600 concrete blocks to start with. Probably ending up with about 750 altogether, one load of sand, 15 yards of gravel, and lumber to make forms for the columns. Oh, yes. And 2 lbs of 2-1/2" wire nails. Not to mention the 10.5 gauge chain link fabric.

It's plain the fence will be a spendy proposition. Oh well. It's only money.

Another issue. We have to be out of Tony's place by 1 November. He and Nelly come back from Holland that day. So, we needed to find temporary lodging for a month or so. Bob was nice enough to let us stay in one of his duplex apartments for November, and, as luck would have it, the lady in "A", moved out yesterday, so we get it for the rest of October as well. Since we let him stay with us at no charge, he's reciprocated in kind.

Even if our Mennonite house gets delivered by mid-October, there is no way it'll be ready to live in by November, so we definitely do need this place for a bit.

If I get the truck box or shipping container, I'll use it initially to store our stuff that we have stored in Tony's butcher shop. If we don't get one, I'm not sure what to do. I'll try to negotiate a couple of weeks lee-way with Tony to keep our stuff there, I guess.

Anyway, here's some shots of our future, temporary lodgings.
Bob's Duplex - We're on the Left
It's not big, but it'll be home, as they say.
The Front Door
It comes pretty much self-contained. TV, microwave, dishes, towels, linens.
The Living Room
The Kitchen, Looking Forward
The Kitchen, Full View
Looking To Bedroom and Bathroom
The Bedroom
The Bathroom
Not bad for free and for a month and a half - assuming our house gets delivered on time. If it's late, we could be in deep doodoo.


toupeeo said...

Glad you will have a place to stay for awhile. I am beginning to get the picture of the slow motion in the tropics

toupeeo said...

Great shots of your digs. What camera are you using? Got the Google Earth of your property. How old was the photot. I know Earth did not have recent photos in the past. Belly up to the computer and send more.