28 September, 2007

Tomorrow's the Workday - Not Today

So, this morning I got to the work site a little after 7:00AM, figuring I'd beat the workers there for once. Usually when I show up, at least one is already on site and "turning and burning", as we used to say in the canoe club.

First thing I did was grab the camera and climbed up the ladder to snap a picture of the well hatch they poured yesterday morning. This is it still in it's plastic bag liner - we use that to keep the newly poured concrete from sticking to the older concrete of the roof pour. When we take the forms out from under the roof, we'll remove the plastic bag - just lift up the hatch and pull it off, then plunk the hatch back into its spot.
Hatch Poured and Cured
Being the diligent boss that I am, it seems I'm always policing up the work area (or is that being anal?). This morning, I moved all the wood and leftover blocks into neat piles, more or less by size and type.
A Neat and Tidy Work Area
So, after finishing that, I sat in the Isuzu and listened to the morning show on LoveFM. It's a call-in type show on the radio where people call in to complain or compliment government or any other organization, and to announce public happenings, that sort of thing.

Workers this morning were somewhat scarce... As in 8:00AM coming and leaving and no workers. I called Isidoro to see if I misunderstood that they were maybe going to the Free Zone to work today instead of coming here. Turns out, because of the rain last night, they felt it was too wet at the site to work today, so they were off to the Free Zone. Saturday will be the day for completion.

Ok. We be flexible. I zoomed home and coerced Dianna into going with me to breakfast at Miss June's. Then we went grocery shopping to get ready since Elsie's coming back for a day or two. She's been in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, doing some diving, after spending the past couple of months at her daughter's home in Canada.

Oh, a couple of other things that I did accomplish this morning... I got hold of Andy at National Hardware and got the names and phone numbers of the two guys he recommends as being skookum on well pump setup. Additionally, I bought 100' of 3/8" nylon line to use as a safety line for the well pump. I also got a call back from Mr. Williams, the surveyor. He'll be meeting me Saturday at the property to talk about surveying the place. Timely since I'm about ready to start fencing it.

One other thing I did was play around with a so-so photo I snapped on the back side of Villa's Hardware. I manipulated it to look like an oil painting - more or less. See what you think.
Van Gogh - The Early Years


toupeeo said...

Seems great to select the blog and get it in. I agree nice neat workarea.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble pal but Van Gogh you aint..... :)
Looks suspiciously like a photo taken during heavy rain (hurricane perhaps??) with no lens shade....