25 September, 2007

Short Work Day Today

Today started off well - no rain, some breeze, a little sunshine. I thought to myself, "The guys will probably come close to finishing the project today".

Yup. Well, so much for pipe dreams. I got to the property about 7:30AM, unlocked the wheelbarrows and shovels, grabbed my cordless drill climbed atop the well house and unscrewed the hatch form. I knocked it loose from the surrounding concrete with a 2.5 lb. sledge hammer, and took it out. Cleaned the little bit of debris from the hole and laid some plastic sheet in it so they could pour concrete in it to form the hatch.
the Well House
Still Some to Do
A little later, about 8:15 with no workers showing up, I called Isidoro, thinking maybe I had misunderstood about leaving early yesterday, that they also weren't showing up today too. Isidoro was surprised that they weren't here as he had asked them to arrive early today.
the Septic Tank - Just the Backside to Finish
He drove over and apologized. He said he was on his way to work in the Free Zone today, and again that the guys were supposed to have been there early. He said they'd be there tomorrow and early.

I told him that it wasn't a problem, that I had other stuff I could get done in the meantime and that I'd see him tomorrow. I locked up the tools and that was that for work. As I was doing that, Isidoro asked what I was going to do about doors for the well house. That was a good question. I asked if he knew someone who did that? He's going to put me in touch with a guy who lives on College Street who does steel doors and burglar bars, etc. Another item on the checklist semi-checked off.

I left the site and went to fetch Dianna to take her to Dr. Garcia's so she could get a test to try and get a handle on her prodigious perspiration problem that has been plaguing her since we moved down here. Last time we visited the doctor, I saw a print he had hanging in his waiting room. A really old naval battle scene about 3' x 4', framed in a simple wooden frame. The print is slightly the worse for wear, with several wrinkles and marks. I remembered to bring my camera today.
Naval Battle Scene in Dr. Garcia's Office
Maybe the next time I visit him, I'll remember to ask if he knows the name of the print, or the name of the battle or vessels.
Finally, last evening we were sitting watching the tube (BBC America, of course). Dianna happened to notice the setting sun shining on the cactus beside our driveway. I really had a nice highlight. I caught the last vestiges of the brightness, but by the time I got out there, it was already fading.
Some Sort of Cacti

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