07 September, 2007

A Shopping Trip to Orange Walk

Yesterday, we took some time to head over to Orange Walk to do a little shopping. Before we could actually take to the road, we had to stop at the Texaco station and buy a case of motor oil. The Isuzu was really low on oil. Turns out the steering center link was rubbing against the oil filter and had worn a small hole in it. Not good.

So, we loaded a few quarts into the vehicle and headed out. Our first stop was Mike's Auto Parts, where we got a filter and a wrench.

From there, we went to San Sing's scooter shop to get a couple of inline fuel filters for Bob's scooter. While there, we scavenged a hunk of cardboard and borrowed a screwdriver to get the oil filter off the Isuzu. Bob did yeoman's work in replacing the filter.

After that, we went to the market place for a late breakfast of some local foods (forgot the names), and glasses of watermelon juice.
The Orange Walk Market Eateries
The Orange Walk Market Shopping
After eating, we strolled around the market place. Nicer and cleaner than Corozal's, I think mainly because they don't allow vehicles to get into the immediate area. Just more pedestrian friendly.
Beans and Seeds for Sale
The Central Bandstand and Park
After that, we did some grocery shopping at People's Market, then we went on to New River Enterprises, Ltd ( to look for furniture. Well, more to see what was available.
New River Patio Tables
New River Patio Tables and Chairs
They also have doors, cabinetry, shelving, paneling, etc.
Standard Doors
Custom-Carved Doors
They do all sorts of wood products, with their own lumber mill and three kilns right there.
Kitchen/Dining Chairs
Kitchen Cabinetry
Lots of doors and sidelights, too.
Entry Doors
Louvered Closet Doors
More doors and coffee tables.
A Maze Door
Free-Form Coffee Table
They do doors nicely, as you can see. The stuff isn't cheap, so if we get any of their stuff, it'll probably only be special pieces for specific applications.
Front Doors and Sidelights
Front Doors and Sidelights
Cabinet Fronts
They also do custom carvings, as you can see by the door and table below.
Custom-Carved Doors
Custom-Carved Tables
Everything they do can be in any one of forty-nine different woods or a mix of any, however you want.
More Patio Furniture

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