21 September, 2007

Happy 26th Belize!

These shots are a compilation of two different parades - one for school children in downtown Corozal that took place yesterday and the Carnival Parade today. We thought we missed today's parade, someone told us it started at 9:00AM. It didn't. It started just after we got to town to Mo Si's Grocery on the highway through town.

The first shots here are of the children's parade going right by the central square downtown.
Children's Parade
More Children
More Drums
Police Cadets, Perhaps
And More Kids
Corozal Police (Could be Transport Police)
After the Children's Parade All Along the Waterfront
These next shots are of the Carnival Parade today. The first shot (none of these are in time-sequence order) reminded us of Cheney (pronounced Cheeney not Chaney), Washington's parades with all the farm implements in the parade.
Farm Stuff
Drum Corps
Justices of the Peace
Girls Drill Team
More Girl's Teams
More Girl's Drill Teams
Fruta Bomba Float
More Drums
The Corozal Town Council
Corozal Branch, National Fire Service
and Floats
Belize Defense Forces (BDF)
Belize Defense Forces (BDF)
The Chinese Community Took Part and Passed Out Candy Too
More Drums and Bugles
More Drums and Bugles
Pooped After the Parade

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