01 September, 2007

Dean Who? Felix Is Da Man!

How soon we move on and forget. Here we are barely two weeks after Hurricane Dean and we're learning all about Felix.
The 1920's Movie Star Now Becoming a Caribbean Badboy
In case you didn't know, Tropical Storm Felix is following almost the same path as Dean, except Felix's aim is better - it seems to be focused directly on Belize City.

From the 11 AM EST weather report, Felix has increased winds up to 70 mph and could become a hurricane sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Felix has also increased his forward speed, going from 14MPH to 18MPH. I'm not sure if that's good news or bad. In any case, I think it's the rotational winds of 7o MPH that is of more concern.

Of course, we're still cleaning up debris - everywhere here in Corozal Town. Telephone poles are still leaning, wires are still down. In fact, we still have an active curfew throughout the country. Bob found that out the other night. He left a restaurant around 11PM and the police wanted to know what he was doing on the streets. After some confusion, he was advised to get home directly. It seems the curfew is still in effect because most of the villages up here in the northern section of the country still are without power or water. And we have another event coming? Get real!

I'm almost done with the shopping list I posted on the last posting. The one thing I can't seem to find anywhere locally is a stove-top coffee percolator. We'll continue using our tea kettle. It makes a dandy cup of joe, you just have to filter out the grounds.

BTW, some good news, finally. Or, I mean, Wow. That was fast service, wasn't it? We got our Land Certificate. This is the document that shows we officially own our property. Yea!!!

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Anonymous said...

D & D:Gee, Belize gets the distinction and record of having two Category 5 hurricanes over their land mass in less then two week. OH Joy! Think that is one record you could have done without.

Watched the weather channel this AM and they forecast Felix and it’s other contribution to arrive late Tues or early Wed. morning, accompanied by a lot of rain or wet stuff….more then last time, because this time you’re on the “bad side” or west side of the hurricane. Give an whole new meaning to the words plastic coving objects and plastic cover sheets. Didn’t think you would have so much practice at emergency preparedness, did ya !!!

Well I stay tuned to your Blog, watching for any clues as to how you both are fair’en. Take care my friends and my best love/wishes go with ya.


PS Now I know what months not to come for a visit.