08 August, 2007

WooHoo! Sod Busting in the Tropics

Actually it all started yesterday. We actually had a crew on our property digging a 6' x 9' hole for the tank for a septic system.
But today, it kicks into high gear. There will be a bulldozer on site as we bring in about 30 truck-loads of fill to bring the site elevation up about a foot.
Plus, we'll be getting the concrete block tower up for the electrical meter and master switch. No juice yet, we're still waiting to get the quote from Belize City. But, that should come in any day now.
But wait! There's more! We met with our Mennonite house builder, Franz, last night at about 10 PM. They have actually started building the house. It'll get trailered up to Corozal from Shipyard. Quite the sight to see when they move buildings like that around... It really chokes up a two-lane highway - especially since it moves at about 10 miles an hour.
I'll be taking photos today, so I'll have some stuff to post either this evening or sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
So how come you had to add a foot of soil to the property? Did that have something to do with the septic tank??

Anonymous said...

Okay so I didn't sign the last comment. Lynn and Pete here wondering about the septic system and if you are having to use the more expensive baffle system on your lot! Sounds like progress is being made! Good for you guys!

Lynn and Pete from Seattle