09 August, 2007

More Changes

Continuing on from where we were yesterday, this is a follow-up so you can see the results of yesterdays labors and some of what happened today.

First, I'm covering the project across the canal that Bob is managing for someone else. You saw the guys running up the ladder with five-gallon buckets of concrete balanced on their heads (what does a 5-gal. bucket full of wet concrete weigh?).

These photos show, in part, the results of yesterday's pour as it's called.
The Forest of Sticks
Supporting the Floor for the upcoming pour
Here's some shots showing the post forms. Unless they're assembled right and poured right, they can blow out very easily. The rule of thumb Bob told me, is to pour posts about 1/3 full and let them sit for 15 minutes to set-up. Then, that concrete can bear the weight of the rest of the post pour and generally won't blow out the form - if it was correctly assembled in the first place. Also, each post has four pieces of rebar in it.
More of the Post Forms
the Whole Enchilada
Adelio and Bob Tying Rebar for the Floor Pour Coming Up Sometime Tomorrow
Adelio and Bob Tying Rebar for the Floor Pour Coming Up Sometime Tomorrow
Here You can See the Post and Beam Pour
More Tying of Rebar
More Rebar Tying
An Example of Local Cemento Maya Bagged Portland Cement
Here's some shots from this morning that I missed yesterday - actually off-loading the cat from the lowboy. Normally, they would have left the cat on-site for an early start today, but they had an emergency call yesterday evening from another contractor working in the Corozal Free Zone (a duty-free area at the border, loaded with tax-free shops for Mexicans. Set up to entice them to come to the Free Zone, or "Zone" as everyone here calls it). The Zone is illegal for Belizean's to shop at, because they would not be paying any taxes on the items purchased.
The Dozer Arriving
Starting Up
The Dozer Beginning to Turn
Off-Loading Backwards
Off and Ready to Work
Yesterday, Bob completed the pour of the base of the electrical tower. Today, it's moved right along.
The Tower Taking Shape
Louis Mixing Cement for the Fill
Louis and Raymond, both friends of Dianna and me, are new hires by Bob to finish the dig. By the end of today, they should just about be done with the pit. Then tomorrow, they'll start on the trenches for the drain field.
Louis and Raymond Digging the Pit
Here we are in Bob's garage trial-fitting the electrical boxes so Bob can determine how to cut the blocks to run the PVC piping to connect them.
"Let's See, This Goes Here, Or Is It The Other Way Around?"
Bob and I worked straight through the normal lunch time (we're both retired, dammit! That's not supposed to happen). So, we treated ourselves to the best burgers in Corozal at a little joint right beside the Thunderbolt ferry dock. It's run by a lady named Rosalie.
Dang Tasty Burger!
 And, the Beer Ain't Bad Either!
Totally off the subject... A couple of days ago, Dianna and I found this little frog sitting on our front step. By the time I got my camera, he had migrated to the wall. First wall-climbing frog I've ever seen.
A Talented Frog

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