20 August, 2007

Gearing Up

Here's what our front yard looked like this afternoon. As soon as it's light in the morning, I'll take a couple of after shots. Oh, there's a couple of boats in the yard now that weren't there when I snapped these, but those won't count for changes. I mean, there are rules to this that you have to follow!
The Front Yard
The Driveway
I also took a couple of before pictures of the living room and dining room. We'll see what those are like as well.
Our Living Room
And the Dining Room - Before
This one was taken before any storm activity had occurred. I didn't realize Blue was in the picture till I looked at it in Picasa, all blown up, so I thought it might make a fair banner picture for starters for this storm.
Everyone Being Cool and Collected
Here's Dianna preparing a bunch of candle holders - just in case we loose power.
Hard at work with candle wax
BTW, right now, at 9:33 PM, it's a fairly gentle rain, no wind... Aww, as I write this, it is beginning to pick up a bit.


  1. I guess the yards not so tidy !

    Looking forward to hearing from you, lol Roy & Pam

  2. Anonymous23/8/07 11:15

    It has been awhile since you've posted anything, so we hope everybody (people and critters) came through the hurricane okay. We're looking forward to seeing your AFTER pictues.
    Jim & Jennifer

  3. Anonymous24/8/07 18:15

    Haven't heard from you since the hurricane went thru. Hope your ok. You have our prayers

    Don and Brenda

  4. Anonymous24/8/07 21:45

    Hope ya'll are ok. Looking forward to an update soon.


  5. Contact made: Pam spoke to D & D last night UK midnight for about 40 minutes after the power came back on for only an hour.

    Everything seems ok and the yard is a mess.

  6. Just noticed this thing dosen't date stamp the time of posting.

    The phone contact was made at midnight UK time August 26th.


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