17 August, 2007

2001 Revisited - We've Found the Monolith!

For years, one of my favorite movies was 2001 - A Space Odyssey. Unfortunately, it's become a bit dated. I always assumed it was fiction, however, we have just made a major discovery. We have unearthed an obelisk similar to the one depicted in the flick. It's not black like the one in the movie - It's a kind of cement-gray. I attribute this to the bright Caribbean sunshine.
Front and Back Views of Mysterious Obelisk
Front and Back Views of Mysterious Obelisk
We anticipate a visit from NASA any day now... although probably not till after the hurricane.

In other news, the pit, which now sports a bed of hardened concrete, still has water in it. Unfortunately, with the approach of hurricane Dean, the tidal flow is a bit higher than normal. Water in the canal is abnormally high, and this has caused a further influx of water into the pit. As a result, we still have about 2 to 3 inches of water in the pit. Further work on the box will probably have to wait for a few days before it can proceed.
The Pit - Ready for Walls Except for A Slight Problem
That is, When the Tide Comes In, Water Comes In
Associated with the pit and the septic tank box is the drain field that will empty from the box. the below picture shows Edilio (I had been misspelling his name in previous editions) in the process of constructing the drain field. It will be alternating rows of gravel and white marl, with each row being 40 feet long from a central pipe from the tank, making for a total length of 80 feet or a total of 240 feet of drain field pipe. I'll have more pictures to demonstrate how it comes together later on.

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