25 July, 2007

Unpacking "Just A Few"

Now that we've gotten all our stuff, we went through the packing list, the inventory we created as we packed up each box, and decided which box's contents were important enough to warrant opening them up. We chose 5 or 6 boxes. Items like the wire shelving, kitty Littermaid, microwave, coffee maker, printer, PC cooling fans, UPS, etc., is the sort of stuff we wanted to get opened right away.
Dianna Noting Contents of Box
The house has suddenly gotten a bit more full and more like home as it gets stuff in it that we've known for a long time. Even the kitties - they got their scratching post, with both of them taking turns crawling in and on it, their electric litter box, and toys, all help make this home.
Boxes Being Emptied
We're going to resist, as much as possible, the temptation to open up everything till we get into the Mennonite house. Hopefully we'll be strong-willed. The more we can leave in boxes will definitely make moving to the new place easier.

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