13 July, 2007

Repair 'N Ride, the Sequel

Earlier I had mentioned that our Isuzu Rodeo was going to the hospital for some repairs. Well, we just got it back. All I can say is, "Wow! I'm a happy camper!"

Auto repair as I said previously is a real hit or miss proposition in Corozal and throughout Belize. Going on the recommendation of Deema Williams (of Spa Massage with Abel), I contacted Mr. Rick Magaña (no relation to Edna, our housekeeper) here in Ranchito and took the Rodeo in to him. That was on Monday. We got it back today, Friday.

Here's the list of what Rick did and costs too:

8 Rear Spring Bushings $60.00
Timing Belt $90.00
Center Shaft Bearing $95.00
Water Pump $140.00
3 Oil Seals $60.00
Engine Mount $180.00
Coolant $5.00
Total: $630.00
Labor: $365.00
Grand Total: $995.00

Keep in mind that's Belize Dollars - $995.00BZ = $497.50US.

Like I told Dianna when I got back from taking Rick back to his shop, "If I didn't know it was the same car, I'd swear it was a different vehicle."

It still needs shocks and Rick knows those are one the way in our shipped stuff. When I have him install those, he also recommended replacing the light transmission fluid with 40wt oil. Light transmission fluid is simply not up to the task down here. So, I'll have him do that as well. I might even have him install the A/C fan belt that's being shipped as well, and see if he can trouble-shoot the A/C itself. Such a deal.

Rick is a golden find down here. He's US-trained and operates in a very professional manner. I'm impressed and recommend his service to anyone.

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