22 July, 2007

More Strange Fruit

Late yesterday afternoon, Rosie (Cody's wife) came over to visit. She had brought us several mamie apples and a new fruit to us - about a gallon of Craboo. Craboo (Byrsonima crassifolia HK), goes by at least 30 different names throughout Central America. It's known as craboo here in Belize and is a popular fruit, loved by children and adults. It's a smallish berry, about 1/2-inch in diameter, a dull yellow in color, and has a fair amount of flesh surrounding a small seed pit.

I think Rosie thinks we either don't eat enough or we don't eat the right foods, because she brings us enough fruit each time to feed a large family. Or maybe she knows we're appreciative of her showing us some of the many fruits

One of the recipes I downloaded says it has an offensive odor... Either my sniffer is broken (a possibility) or they had a different variety than the one we have. Ours really is odor-neutral. the craboo fruit is used in rice dishes, soups, tamales, and as preserves It's also very popular just eaten as it comes from the bush or tree, or mashed and mixed with evaporated milk as a desert.

Craboo can also be made into a shake and can also be made into a desert stew.

Craboo dishes can also be purchased if you're visiting San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, at Anotjitos Letty's on Pescador Drive.

Rosie also brought along one of her brothers (she has 6 brothers and 3 sisters) from Mexico. He lives in the village of Cocoyal, roughly across the border from Orange Walk. His nickname is "Coach". I've forgotten his given name (a terrible habit of mine). Rosie had Coach help her haul all the fruit from another sister's farm on the far side of Ranchito to our place and then back to her and Cody's house.

He's over here in Belize for a niece's wedding next Saturday evening. Rosie invited Dianna to attend. That will be an interesting and fun experience. Dianna's promised to take lots of photos and write up the event here.

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