21 June, 2007

We've Been Meaning to Stop Here...

Jud's Meat Shop and Deli (pronounced "Jude) is a small shop that we drive by at least two times a week, usually on our way to D's Market or to Mrs. June's Kitchen (which, BTW, is closed till July 2 - Mrs. June went traveling).

We decided to stop in yesterday. We had heard if the door is open, the store is open, if it's closed, well, you can figure it out. So, the door was open and we went in.
Visiting Jud's Meat Shop. Good Reputation Here
Chris is the owner of Jud's - named in honor of his mother, Judy - hence the pronunciation. His meat shop produces some of the most pungent and tasty smelling ground beef available here in Corozal. It's really fabulous. Too bad you can't taste it unless you're down here. Chris mixes in a proprietary blend of herbs, spices and peppers that make a really great product. We're having it tonight in a spaghetti sauce that Dianna has been slow-cooking most of yesterday and all day today. I can hardly wait.
Their 'Grind Meat' (Hamburger) is Slightly Spicy - Nice!
So, we've definitely added Jud's to our list of must-stops on our shopping forays about town. You should too.

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