22 June, 2007

Visiting the Lame; Wrestling Giant Burgers

On our way yesterday to go to the Sports Bar for dinner, we decided to visit British Paul, a friendly expat from Britain (not that you'd have guessed, of course). He's flat on his back after injuring his back while working on his boat engine. Poor guy. He did have some cold beer, so we drank his health and chatted for while. Paul has a private apartment with a view of Corozal Bay to die for in the house that he house sits in. He doesn't even have to move when the owners come to town! Such luxury.

The downside was that because of the medication, he couldn't have any beer. Oh dear. Well, better drink up...
Get well soon, Paul.
After guzzling Paul's beer, oh yeah, and wishing him well, we motored on into Corozal to the Sports Bar on the north end of town for dinner. We had been promised by Alma, the chef, that she would be having some beef soup that was just fantastic.

Well, when we got there, she was apologetic in telling us the beef delivery guy had not shown up during the day, so she couldn't do the soup. But their burgers were up to the task and were the recommendation of the night.

We ordered burgers and fries all around and of course, a round or two of Belikins.
At the Sports Bar getting primed for dinner
At the Sports Bar getting primed for dinner
At the Sports Bar getting primed for dinner
Let me tell you about these burgers. If you sliced one horizontally and only ate one half, it would still be a huge burger! Pile on all the fixin's and a dose of hot sauce, plus a huge order of fries with each, and you've got a killer meal and a half.

None of the three of us could even come close to finishing this feast. We did get an honest-to-goodness doggy box put together of the leftover for Tanya, our guard dog. Of course, she was most appreciative.

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