28 June, 2007

Returning to Paradise

How can one return to paradise after you've been vacationing in paradise? I'm not sure it's even possible. Maybe we did the impossible - who knows? It was a kick anyway. It was fun to get away for a few days.

Here's the plane beginning to bank to the right, coming in to Corozal Airstrip. The picture shows Corozal Town on the upper edge of the bay with the white line of the road to Copper Bank below. You can just see a glimpse of the New River (where the hand-cranked ferry is) in between.
Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer
Here Dianna is busy supervising the pilot on his approach to Corozal.
Make Sure to Hit that Switch...
Here Dianna is showing a bit of concern as we approach the air strip for Corozal.
Did He do That Right?
Ah, the end is in sight. Lining up for final approach to Corozal. We're almost home.
On Final

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