01 June, 2007

Reconn in LA

Owen and I spent a good part of the morning today conducting a recconoiter mission from the motel, to the freight yard where we'll transfer the truck contents to Roy and Sons container. From there, we cruised up the freeway to the U-Haul return base where we'll check in the truck.

It was interesting at the U-Haul place. As we pulled up, there were a bunch of guys, kind of like day-laborers looking for work, all hanging around the place. We were attempting to pull into the wrong driveway and to a man, they all pointed down the road to the correct driveway. Picking up rather quickly on the hint, we sashayed the truck around a blocking vehicle and pulled in.

Right away, one of the employees thought we were checking the truck in. I hollered to him that we weren't, that we just wanted information. We told him we'd be checking it in tomorrow and wanted to know the best way to get to LAX. As we suspected, he suggested a cab, and said that when we check in that they would be glad to call a cab for us.

So, assuming we get an early start tomorrow with the unloading, we should be able to get to the airport in good time. It's almost 4:30 PM now and I still haven't heard from Nena. I think I'll give her a call and see what time she has planned for us to get together.

Sandy, I can vouch for Owen... We actually went for two (2) long walks today. The first, to go down the boulevard to a shopping center to find a post office so I could mail my moustache scissors back to Olympia (and not have them confiscated by TSA). We walked probably on the order of two and a half to three miles on that jaunt.

The second, when our afternoon siesta was interupted by the motel maid wanting to clean the room. So we took off for about a half-hour walk around the neighborhood. One thing we noticed was a dearth of taverns... Folks here in SoCal appear to be so healthy and all that they've given up stopping for a cool one - anywhere! We couldn't find anything, so we returned to the motel in time to watch one of the Star Wars flicks and to get caught up on the blog

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