13 June, 2007

More Chinese and the Friendship Luncheon, 2nd Edition

We brought Chinese again. Not as much this time and not the fried rice. We got curry chicken and cashew chicken. Of course, it came with rice.

We went to a different Chinese restaurant for this order - Bumpers.

Here's their menu board. A good selection and a bit better on the English speaking. Although that certainly has no bearing on the quality of the food. Bumper's does have a good reputation in town. Good for take away, no atmosphere for eating in. Dark, warm and very plain seems to be the order of the day for Chinese restaurants.

Dianna and Elsie waiting for our orders outside of Bumper's. Other than the faded, painted sign above, you'd never know there was anything here.

Ah, our orders are ready. Each of these was $9.50BZ or $4.75US. Way more food than one or even two people could eat.

And, on to our second Friendship Luncheon. Seems weird, but we didn't miss one while we were gone. Probably half again as many people at this one from the last. Guess we'll have to wait till the rainy season is over to see a whole bunch of expats in one place.

Tony and Dianna at the Purple Toucan. We had breakfast earlier in the day at the Oasis. Tony was there and we spent an enjoyable two or three hours talking to him and Darleen, owner of the Oasis. We got several good tips on contractors, mechanics, Mennonite houses, and a guy that has a hydraulic well drilling machine. All good poop!

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