23 June, 2007

Early Saturday Morning at the Market

Geez, it seems like all we do is eat out... But, there's so many neat places to eat, and it's so cheap. This morning's eatery is one of three upstairs at the Corozal Market. A nice place catering mostly to locals, not too many tourists. Our host, John, is the owner of this restaurant and has been in business here for about three years.
Corozal Market Upstairs Eatery
After breakfast, there's nothing like a quick bit of shopping for some clothing. Nothing bought, but tailoring possibilities have developed after talking to the proprietor of this shop.
Shopping, Shopping
Here's a view of the outside stalls of the market - still early in the day.
Tents in the Middle of the Market
Here's a nice view of the length of the market (actually only half of it). Lots of fresh produce waiting for purchase.
Veggie and Fruit Vendors in the Market
Remember, I mentioned the fish stall at the market? Well, today I remembered to take a picture of it. I'll get some of it in action next time we buy fish. The two guys out front are the official Fish Cleaners for the market. They don't work for the seller (barely visible behind the standing cleaner. They're independent and have their own work area out back. But, they do more to sell fish and hence, clean them, than the seller does. It's an amazing process to watch.
Fish Sellers Inside at the Market
As we were leaving the market, we ran into Deema, the lady who runs the spa where Abel, the Mayan Therapist, practices his magic. She still has openings for next weekend!
Ran Into Deema At the Market
Here's the official plaque dedicating the market place. We come here probably at least three times a week, often more. It's definitely the town center.
Dedication Plaque for the Market

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