16 June, 2007

Big Changes at Mae and Craigs

We went out to dinner with Mae and Craig again to Munchie's Restaurant. Food was as good as ever. Spent the evening on Munchie's veranda. Really relaxing. You could even hear the waves crashing against the shore. I know, it's a rough life...

Some big changes that have happened at their house. They've added a full-height loft. Anyway, before we went out to dinner, Mae and Craig treated us to a showing of the big changes that really add a lot to the house.
A New Addition To Their House
Inside the house, Mae found a new stairway lamp made from a gourd that she got up in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Pretty cool looking. The electrician was still wiring it up as we were there.
A Cool Windchime Amidst Some Continuing Construction
Here's a view from the new loft down to their front door. The loft has added significantly to the ambiance of the house.
Looking Down onto the Living Room From the Sleeping Loft
From the new deck on the back of the house, off of the loft, on two sides of the house, you get a terrific view of Corozal Bay.
Tree's In Their Yard
Looking Out to the Bay From the Sleeping Loft
We had an Angel's Trumpet in a pot at our old house. It was several years old and was only about three or four feet high. Here's one at their house that is close to 10 feet tall and it's only a couple of years old!
Looking Off the Deck
Craig, on his back deck talking to his daughter on cell phone who he hasn't talked to in several weeks. Pretty relaxing conversation location, eh?
Craig Making Use of His Deck
The ladies discussing gardening from the vantage point of the upstairs deck

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