11 June, 2007

Arrived Home in Corozal

we've got our adventure going again. We got into Belize about 10 PM last night, so we're home. What a day!

First, Don was kind enough to roust out of bed at 2:30 AM to drive us to Seatac. Our flight boarded 15 minutes later, so we didn't have a chance to score any breakfast.

We flew from there to Los Angeles, where, contrary to what we had been told, we had to deplane, and about 45 minutes later re-boarded the same plane. That was enough time to scarf some croissant breakfasts from Burger King at the airport. Oh, yum.

From LA we flew to Cancun, cleared Mexican Customs and Immigration, found our transport to Belize, and about 5 hours later, cleared Mexican immigration out at the Chetumal border, crossed to the Belize side, and cleared Belize Customs and Immigration. From there, on to Corozal (New World Market was closed, so no purchasing kitty litter last night!).

It was interesting doing all that with two cats, who, by the way, were a couple of regular troopers. They were not happy and let everyone within earshot know. But they did fine, and with no tranquillizers either.

We got into our house at about 11 PM, finally crashing at about midnight. But, before that, I took the plastic tub that Dianna had saved, went out to the driveway, and scooped in some crushed limestone. Kitties were most appreciative, although I probably lost points for not having it ready by the time they arrived.

Right now, the Crested Guans are starting their morning chorus. We're home!

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