20 May, 2007

Supporting Our Youth - DeMolay Installation

Saturday, we went to the Masonic Temple to participate in Michael Bulloch's installation as Master Counselor for the Olympia Chapter of DeMolay.

The Order of DeMolay is an organization for young men, to help develop civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills. It uses a fun approach to build lifelong bonds of friendship and has more than 1,000 chapters worldwide.

Here's the cover for the program for Michael's Installation
Installation Ceremony Program
Ok, enough PR stuff. On to the important things - like Dad, Don Bulloch, below, completing the paintball release forms for the coming weekend, so the boys can all take part. Don is also Tyler (for like, the seventh or eighth year) of Olympia Lodge No. 1, F & AM.
WB Don, Paperwork, Paperwork
On the serious side of the event, Here's Dianna working with Michael to prepare his speech following his installation.
Waiting to the Last Minute
This is Taylor, also known as "Boo", from the Monsters, Inc. movie character. Taylor is a precocious two and a half year old, who already knows her alphbet, can count, and can keep a running coherent conversation going at all times. Otherwise known as a chatterbox. With not a care that a solemn installation was going on at the time, she announced that she wanted to "Go out there", to the lobby area, and proceeded to zoom off to do just that.
And, here's a shot of Michael's speech. Who knows, after some major political speech twenty-five years from now, this may be a priceless memento from Senator Bulloch's youth... Well, it could happen!
Michael's Speech
Michael taking the obligation as Master Counselor for the ensuing term (his second time in the office). A proper and solemn occasion. Refreshments were provided for all attending, both before and after installation.
Michael Taking the Obligation
This is a view of the whole slate of officers for the ensuing term for Olympia Chapter of DeMolay. A fine looking group of young men!
Michael and His Officers
Now, this is a righteous mustache! This is Dad, Jon Anderson. He works with Don to keep the boys in line and focused on the task at hand. Jon is also Treasurer of Olympia Lodge No. 1, F & AM.
WB Jon - Another Demolay Dad

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