01 May, 2007

Mennonite Houses, Part Two; Craig and Mae's Place

Thanks to Craig and Mae Timmons for so much. We bought our property from them; they turned us on to the rental; showed us their Mennonite-built house; and finally, introduced us to Manuel Catch, a contractor here in Corozal. More about him later if we hire him as our contractor.

So, anyway, their house. Here's some pictures of their house. Pretty cool. I love their ironwork burglar bars. Very unique designs.

The photo above is their front door screen door/burglar bar door. Very cool.
Dianna and Mae in their living room with a shot of their back screen door.

The Mennonite houses are sort of custom-made, wood modular houses, built nearby in Orange Walk (I think) trucked to your location and installed, complete with septic system, cisterns, and any necessary utility connections. Very cool and very affordable.

Below, is Craig outside his garden shed, which he wisely utilized garden space by building it over the septic tank.

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