11 May, 2007

Maya Massage - Experience an Ancient Culture

It begins with soothing Mayan flute music setting a mystical tone.

You are placed in a small tent, breathing deeply of minty medicinal herbs and plants as a cleansing and soothing activity. Your pores activate, allowing sweat to flow freely, ridding the body of ill humors, purifying and relaxing.

Then, over the ensuing hour-and-a-half, you are taken on a thoroughly spiritual and re-rejuvenating mix of relaxation, renewal, purification, you name it. To call it a "massage", barely begins to approach the totality of the experience.

If you come to visit Corozal, you owe it to yourself to schedule a couple of hours with Senor Abel, a Mayan master of pre-Hispanic relaxation techniques, treatments and Mayan massage. You will remember it as one of the significant high-points of your visit here.

Experience heated stone massage, Temazcal (the traditional Mayan sweat bath), mud, herbal, or chocolate face masking, power balancing, reflexology, spiritual purification, and a choice of several massage styles.
Roger and Deema's Place - Home Of Abel's Mayan Massage
The picture above is the home of Miss Deema and Roger, a couple of expats hosting Sr. Abel and his unique services.

She will even pick you up and return you after completion of your session, so you don't have the euphoria of the experience interrupted unduly.

So, what does all this pampering and decadence cost? Would you believe $50BZ? That's twenty-five US dollars, folks! Believe me, you will not regret it at all.

It has to be experienced to be believed. And, it's available here in Corozal! Who says we don't have the best of everything here?!

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