16 May, 2007

Getting Packed, Getting Needed Stuff

This is pretty much a grab bag. Just a pile of stuff that we're doing to get ready to ship everything down and get ourselves back to Corozal.

We spent most of the day yesterday packing. I went running around a bit, changing addresses, arranging direct funds transfers, buying needed stuff, an air conditioner belt and shock absorbers for the Isuzu, ordering a camera lens, stuff like that.

We actually made good progress on packing. My office is pretty much in boxes as are Dianna's miniature tools and supplies. Today, I'm cleaning out my closet. Most of it goes to Goodwill. There is just no way that I will ever wear a suit or tuxedo down in Belize.

After that, I think I'll tackle packing my tools. Dianna will probably start boxing up the kitchen implements. After that, there's not much left.

Oh, yes. I'm going to call around today to see if I can get a bicycle box from one of the shops, to pack up my mountain bike. Speaking of which, I know it may sound weird, but I bought fenders for the bike and got them installed on it. I think it looks good. They should work even better too.

I think we'll be able to easily be out of here by June 6. Might even make it earlier - that'd be great if we could.

We still need to check with a travel agent for a more direct way to fly, and to arrange a flight for the kitties.

More later, as I think of it.

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