09 May, 2007

Expat Friendship Luncheon at the Purple Toucan

Yesterday, we went to our first Friendship Luncheon Potluck at the Purple Toucan Restaurant here in Corozal. There was about 15-20 expats from the whole area (Corozal, Consejo, Chetumal, etc.) in attendance. The number was down from the usual 30-35 because, yes, we have "snowbirds" here as well. Pikers who want to escape the summer heat and rain by escaping to the north, e.g. the States, Canada, Europe, etc.
Arriving at Purple Toucan for Friendship Luncheon
Going through the food line. There was, as usual for a potluck, much more food than was possible for those who were there, to eat. It was good too.
A Good Pot-Luck Meal Too
Another view of the proceedings. All very nice people. Some newbies like us, some have been here for 14-17 years - real old-timers.
Framed View of the Inside
Waiting in the food line. Everyone is so friendly, and yes, they are all characters!
Still Going Through the Chow Line
The last view. I'd include the names and where they're from, but, that'll have to wait for future installments as we learn who's who, etc. It was a fun time, and we're looking forward to next month's.

The meeting is always on the second Tuesday of each month at 1:30PM, and I think it's always at the Purple Toucan, too.
Another View Inside

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