31 May, 2007

Delivering the Goods

We started off (Owen and Dave) from the duplex, bright and early at 7:30 AM, Wednesday morning. We had to go to Safeway to fuel the van so we could get a good start without running out of gas. $75 was all we put in since that's what their auto-shutoff was set at.

I had to run into Safeway to get some shampoo, toothpaste and pit-juice (deodorant for the unknowing). On the way back to the van, I thought I saw a broken white porcelain figurine in the parking lot. As I stooped to pick it up, I saw it was made of foam rubber and was a kitty - a lot like Midas. So, I brought him back and set him up on the dash of the van - We had our good luck omen and mascot for the trip!
Safeway Parking Lot Good Luck Charm
Owen Taking a Turn At the Wheel
Here's Owen, somewhere in Oregon, paying attention to business. We really made good time yesterday, going from Olympia to Redding, CA. We spelled each other in 2-hour shifts. Made the day go easy and fast.
I always wanted to attend the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Guess this is as close to it as I'll ever come. Dang it!
Home of the Shakespear Festival
Here's a shot of Mount Shasta. Big mountain right alongside the highway. They put it there for the tourists to take pictures of. Part of the Disneyland franchise thing, I think.
It Hasta Be Shasta
Terror on the road. Here's one of those famous Oregon triple-trailers. This picture was taken by Owen O'Keefe, so if you rip it, be sure to give him credit. We worked all day to get this shot. We either spaced out till one was right on us, or the camera got tired of waiting for us to shoot and went to sleep, or we shot and just missed getting 2/3 of the rig in the shot. It was against the rules to actually take a picture of one sitting still. We had to shoot it underway, on the highway, and going in the opposite direction.
Oregon Road Train
Yayyyyy! We made to to California! Land of fruits and nuts, as they say.
Got My Banjo on My Knee
Danger, Will Robinson, Danger. The start of a pretty steep downgrade heading out of the Siskiyou's.
Fairly Deadly Stretch of Road, This
Big water here. This is Lake Shasta, complete with a cooperative boat, also part of the Disney thing. They provide that for tourists photo ops.
This Hasta Be Lake Shasta
Here's another mountain along the way. Neither Owen nor I knew what it's name was. Good old Mount Whatsitsname! Great mountain.
Some Big-Ass Mountain or Other

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