16 April, 2007

Lockpicking, Going Public, Geocaching, Monopoly

This post was pretty much a grab bag of whatever entered my mind this morning.

I keep mentioning Belikin beer - which is not a bad brew. I always like local better anyway. Here's their label. The bottles are very thick glass - recyclable with a $0.35 deposit. They also offer several different styles of beer - lagers, ales, porter, and stout. The brewery is also a licensed brewer of Guiness - good for you. Cheers.
The Local Swill - Belikin
Hey Owen and Don - I was perusing the phone book yesterday. It covers the whole country (imagine, one phone book for the whole country - about half as thick as the Olympia phone book!) and found only one locksmith listed and they're in Belize City. Now, I would assume there are other locksmiths around and probably don't advertize in the yellow pages because of expense, but... if they're not advertising - well, you know, they ain't doing business either. Just thought I'd mention that.

Let's see, what else? Oh, yes. I stand corrected. Ben really is a boy kitty. He's just been "tutored". I apologized to him for defaming his character to the whole world and hereby issue an official apology and correction.

I don't know if you saw a picture of the Corozal town seawall from the Corozal website I mentioned in the first couple of posts in this blog, but I rode by it yesterday. What a popular place for Sunday parties! People swimming in the bay, BBQing alongside the seawall, salsa and reggae blaring from car speakers, everyone looking like they were having a great time. Of course I forgot my camera on that ride. I'll try not to forget it again.

I'm going to go ahead and make the blog public, so that anyone can view it. Up to this point, it had just been private. That is, the only way you could view it was if I sent you the URL, or if someone else who had the URL forwarded it to you. By making it public, if someone does a search on Google for Belize, chances are pretty good that it will show up in the results.

Connie (hotel owner) came by last night. She's going to help me find the cache this morning. Stay tuned for a "first to find, first find" on the geocaching site. Assuming it's still there. It should be no one here really knows anything about geocaching or even GPS.

Of course, now that I'm ready to post some stuff, BTL is keeping its usual high-quality service up - or should I say, down. I can't connect right now. I'll keep trying... Monopolies be good for you, uh huh.

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