15 April, 2007

Dianna's Day Two

Okay, visiting foreign countries may be hazardous to your health! I know I shared with you about going ass over tea kettle.....but today was a little more embarrassing and scary! We decided to take out the bicycles and I knew the one I had (no choice actually) was too big but what the hey....well, needless to say at the first intersection (which means a car or two) and I went "Ass over tea kettle" again! Dave, who was in front of me, did not know this until a truck went by and having witnessed by graceful dismount hollered "somebody fall!!!" and he turned around! After another truck stopped and I assured them and the family of 7 witnessing the "fat, white lady who cannot ride a bike" that I was okay, we limped back to the hotel. I may have either bruised or cracked a rib as it is difficult to laugh, sneeze or any lung function thereof. I have taken aspirin and am feeling better so I don't think it is serious. But at this rate of "fun" in Belize.....I will have to keep a positive attitude! More later I am sure........

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