27 March, 2007

Ramblings after the luncheon

The hotel we'll be staying at for at least the first week in Belize is the Copa Banana. Their Website is:

Our plan is to reconnoiter the area (perhaps the whole country, who knows? Especially since it's only 70 x 200 miles or about the size of Massachusetts) and possibly shift our base of operations accordingly if we find a town/area we like better.

If we decide we really like the country, we'll immediately begin looking for a house to rent. We'll probably do that for 6 months to a year then buy. Of course, if we find the place of our dreams, we may buy much sooner!

Another note, it was a nice luncheon at the Super Buffet in DuPont. I was surprised at all the folks who showed up. I thought it would just be the Telecom Section, so that was really nice. Thanks to all who took the time from busy schedules to make it - including some already retired... Curt Kyle and Bob and Kathy Paterson! And the food was great. In my opinion, much better than the Great Wall of China.

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